DriveSimSolutions has developed an extensive library and a set of tools that allows us create any type of custom driving environment or scenario. Whether you want to research driver behaviour in a carefully (re)created virtual environment or want to use a simulation environment with your company branding as a showcase, we have the perfect solution for you!

Simulation Environments

Unity Engine

Unity is one of the most frequently used game engines. We started using Unity because it offers full flexibility in what we can achieve in terms of virtual environment, UI , events and vehicle dynamics. The enhanced render engine allows for applications that benefit from high graphical quality or even virtual reality.

DSS created a set of standard libraries that allows us to create driving simulation solutions within the Unity game engine.

STISIM Drive 3

DSS is the authorized re-seller and systems integrator of STISIM Drive® for the European market. STISIM Drive® is a world leading driving simulation environment. STISIM Drive® is a programmable and fully interactive virtual reality driving simulator engineered to take advantage of cutting edge computer technology. More than four decades of independently validated driving simulation research has been incorporated into the STISIM Drive® line of simulators. More than 500 universities, government agencies, medical facilities, training centers, and corporations have used STISIM Drive® to conduct research, perform patient assessment and treatment, and provide driver training.

In the Picture: Web-based Simulation

Web Based Simulation

By fully harnessing the latest Unity WebGL technology, DSS presents a completely web-based solution for driving scenario distribution, data collection and data analysis.

Read more about it in our blog article


3D Development

Realistic driving simulation is all about creating a virtual world adapted to the local driving environment. Our customers therefore often wish their driving scenarios to be customized to resemble the real driving conditions of the local environment in which they operate.

Apart from the large set of virtual objects already included in our standard solution, DriveSimSolutions can help in creating custom 3D objects that match your local road environment conditions even more.

System Integration

Our flexible software environments allow for the creation of custom interfaces and applications. Combined with our expertise in hardware development we can integrate any automotive (or other) system or software to operate seamlessly in co-operation or co-simulation with our driving simulators.

Company Branding

        Do you want to use you company branding within a virtual enviroment to showcase your technology?

        Do you want a real eye catcher with your company branding to attract people to your stand?

        Do you want a virtual application where people can cycle around your new headquarters in VR?

        DriveSimSolutions offers simulators with branded simulation software and custom branded 3D objects. 

        Software Projects

        Eco-Driving Tool

        DriveSimSolutions developed a toolkit to help drivers understand the principles and practices of eco-driving. Based on driver inputs and vehicle parameters a detailed simulation of fuel consumption can be performed. The real-time module extracts data from any software with SimHub. Fuel simulation is performed on an external controller which also displays the parameters in real-time. 

        The post-trip module is meant for usage with STISIM3 software and provides the driver with detailed insights and scores related to eco-driving.

        Training scholars for cycling in traffic

        DriveSimSolutions used the Unity Game Engine to develop an educational mini-game that helps scholars understand the traffic rules when cycling and help them recognize frequently occuring dangerous situations.