Driving Simulators

DriveSimSolutions supplies highly customized driving simulators for both training and research purposes. Based on the project type, different peripherals can be integrated into DSS simulators. Custom driving scenarios and post simulation data collection and analysis are part of our solutions and services. All our systems are running on the state-of-the-art STISIM Drive® software. Download an overview of the features and benefits of STISIM Drive® software here.


This large simulator uses a real car set up and a state of the art projection system with a 180 FOV curved screen. The idea is to give the driver a close to fully immersive realistic driving experience. Different tactile and audio signals from a driving scenario are fed back to the driver cabin.

Cockpit Sim

This mock-up simulator incorporates many OEM vehicle components. It features a complete dashboard with working instruments and controls. The 3×50 inch screens provide a 135° FOV. This simulator is ideal when you want the full immersive experience of an authentic vehicle cockpit that fits in an office room.


The TruckSim simulator was specifically designed to mimic the seating position of a large vehicle such as a truck or a bus. The seating position is higher and more upright compared to our car simulators. The 3×40 inch screens, combined with high quality controls provide excellent immersion.

Touring Sim
Our Touring Simulator is ideal for clients who want a high quality setup, but don’t have the budget for the larger Cockpit or CarSim Simulator. This simulator uses high quality materials, combined with a high-detail finish. State-of-the-art control equipment and triple monitors assure high immersion.